In Indiana, the state laws or state statutes are codified in the Indiana Code. The specific laws that regulate the licensure of professional geologists in Indiana are found in IC 25-17.6, which may be viewed at the Indiana Legislative Services Agency Website.

State regulations that implement, interpret, or administer the state statutes in Indiana law are referred to as rules, and they are codified in Indiana Administrative Code (IAC). Title 305 IAC is the reference to the rules pertaining to the licensure of geologists in the state and may be found at the Indiana Administrative Code Website.

The Indiana Board of Licensure for Professional Geologists evaluates applicants on the basis of criteria established in IC 25-17.6 and Title 305 IAC.

A Non-Rule Policy is a policy that is not part of the IAC, but one which has been accepted by the Indiana Board of Licensure for Professional Geologists and which lends consistency to its actions. Currently, only one such Non-Rule Policy exists: Non-Rule Policy.

Appeals to Board decisions may be made any time within 30 days from the postmark on the letter of denial. At the bottom of each letter of denial, a passage similar to the following will be found:

The decision by the Board of Licensure for Professional Geologists is its final agency action. If you wish to take administrative review (commonly called an "appeal") of the decision, within 30 days of this letter you must request review in writing at the following address:

Director, Division of Hearings
Natural Resources Commission
Indiana Government Center South
402 West Washington Street, Room W272
Indianapolis, IN 46204