Procedure in Addressing Complaints Brought Before the Indiana Board of Licensure for Professional Geologists

  1. Complaints need to be brought as sworn statements, i.e., a notarized statement of facts.
  2. The Board will consider the facts and decide if a legal infraction has taken place.
  3. The Board has the authority to file a complaint against the Respondent.
  4. That Respondent will have twenty (20) days to respond (return receipt mail).
  5. Failure to respond constitutes acceptance of the Complaint.
  6. The Respondent has the right to be heard before the Board to rebut the accusations.
  7. Hearings before the Board are informal, notes will be taken by the Board's secretary.
  8. Should the Complaints be determined by the Board to be accurate and substantive, the Board has the authority to levy disciplinary actions or sanctions.
  9. The Respondent has the right to appeal the decision of the Board and the actions or sanctions to the Natural Resources Commission, Division of Hearings. In matters of appeal, the Attorney General would represent the Board.

Authority: IC 25-17.6

Chapter 3. Duties and Powers of the Board;
Chapter 8. Grounds for Action by the Board and Penalties; and
Chapter 9. Administrative Review and Judicial Review