The Indiana Journal of Earth Sciences is an open access serial publication of the Indiana Geological and Water Survey (IGWS), a research institute of Indiana University and the state-legislated archive for geological and hydrological data. While the journal serves as the primary outlet for scholarly communication of the IGWS, it has a broad mission to publish earth science research about Indiana and the surrounding region.

Aims & Scope

The Indiana Journal of Earth Sciences aims to serve as a top-tier outlet for earth science-related research having regional impact. Emphasis is given to articles that present or synthesize data, maps, archives, or methods that relate to the earth sciences or that clearly establish linkages illustrating the impact of such work upon Indiana and the surrounding region. The scope of publications span earth surface processes, petrology and stratigraphy, geologic hazards, hydrologic and biogeochemical cycles, and the identification, management, and use of mineral, energy, or water resources. The journal, therefore, offers the opportunity to all scientists working in these fields to publish original data sets, GIS layers, maps, Internet story maps, technical notes, research articles, review papers, or other forms of scholarly communication in an open access and widely distributed high-quality peer-reviewed scientific journal, except for those outlined in the journal policies and guidelines. The journal also offers authors online-first, open access, a free pdf of their article, and a wide range of abstracting and indexing services.

Contact Info

Chief Editor
Todd Thompson, tthomps@indiana.edu

Managing Editor
Sara Clifford, scliffo@iu.edu