The IGWS Geology Museum is open during the Geology Building renovation! Select displays are available to tour at our temporary home at 420 N. Walnut Street in Bloomington, Indiana. The museum is open to the public free of charge from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm Monday through Friday, with weekend and evening hours available for special events.

When the renovated museum opens in 2021, it will be filled with new exhibits and an interactive learning lab to engage visitors in discovering collections objects and participating in science.

Current Exhibitions

Tales from the Owen Cabinet: January 2020–July 2020

Rocks, minerals, and fossils from David Dale Owen's expeditions, as well as those from exceptional sites around the world, formed the basis of the Owen Cabinet. What objects from nature would you include in your own cabinet of curiosity?

Research Spotlight: Karst Studies in the Mitchell Plateau

Researchers and students are studying how groundwater moves through the karst landscape of the Mitchell Plateau to provide new insight into the proper management and utilization of water resources in the region.

Digital Exhibitions

Resurrecting Megajeff: Uncovering the Hidden History of IU's Lost Megalonyx jeffersonii

"Megajeff" is a nearly complete skeleton of a Megalonyx jeffersonii giant ground sloth that once existed within the natural history collections at Indiana University. Surviving fossilization, railroad transport, and fire, the specimen was ultimately destroyed by a lack of understanding of the importance of natural history collections. This digital exhibit was supported by the Office of the Bicentennial.