The IGWS provides rotating exhibits on earth science topics within the east lobby of the Geology Building. The exhibits are open to the public free of charge from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm Monday through Friday, with weekend and evening hours available for special events.

Coming Soon! The IGWS Learning Lab is an open-collections learning center designed to engage visitors in discovering collections objects and participating in science. Pull open drawers to discover our fossil, mineral, and rock collections and take part in interactive activities. This hybrid exhibit and program space will be located adjacent to the exhibit gallery with related content.

Current Exhibitions

ShakeIN: October 2021–January 2021

Indiana has trembled in the wake of seismic waves generated by powerful earthquakes in the past and will no doubt shake again in the future. Learn about the earthquakes in the Hoosier State and how you can prepare for them.

Student Curated Exhibit: Minerals of Vermeer's Officer and Laughing Girl

Mineral-based paint is one of the oldest art mediums in the world. Discover the minerals used to create oil paint pigments in Johannes Vermeer's 17th century work, Officer and Laughing Girl. This interdisciplinary exhibit was created by Keaton Clulow, a junior Fine Arts Management student at Indiana University Bloomington.

Digital Exhibitions

Resurrecting Megajeff: Uncovering the Hidden History of IU's Lost Megalonyx jeffersonii

"Megajeff" is a nearly complete skeleton of a Megalonyx jeffersonii giant ground sloth that once existed within the natural history collections at Indiana University. Surviving fossilization, railroad transport, and fire, the specimen was ultimately destroyed by a lack of understanding of the importance of natural history collections. This digital exhibit was supported by the Office of the Bicentennial.

Future Exhibitions

Scientific Illustration: January 2022–June 2022

Scientific illustration communicates scientific ideas through the use of drawings, paintings, and sculpture. Discover the Survey's history of scientific illustrations and view artwork from our collections.

Extinction: July 2022–December 2022

Discover the history of Earth's mass extinctions through the fossil record. View a reconstructed skeleton of a giant ground sloth that once roamed Indiana.