The IGWS maintains several special collections within its permanent repository. These collections are used for research, teaching, and exhibition.

Geologic Core Collection

Approximately 35,000 boxes of rock and sediment core, as well as associated rock chip sets and lithologic strips. This collection is stored in the Research and Teaching Core Repository.

Rexroad Conodont Collection

Hundreds of thousands of microfossil specimens, primarily the result of 40 years of research by Carl Rexroad, Ph.D.

Industrial Minerals Collection

Dimension stone, coal, and aggregate samples and associated data from Indiana and the central United States.

Indiana Limestone Photograph Collection

More than 25,000 black-and-white architectural photographs of buildings constructed of Indiana limestone. This collection is on long-term loan from the Indiana Limestone Company. Digitized images are available through Indiana University's Image Collections Online at

Bruce Masters Mineral Collection

Exhibition-quality specimens of rare and exotic minerals from across the world donated by Bruce Masters, Ph.D.

Malott Speleothem Collection

Stalagmite, stalactite, flowstone, and other cave formation specimens collected by Clyde Malott, Ph.D., in the early 20th century.

Patton Building Stone Collection

Building stone and brick specimens collected by John Patton, Ph.D., Indiana's 13th state geologist.