Pennsylvanian System

Type section and description: The name Antioch Limestone Member (of the Dugger Formation) was proposed by Wier (1961, 1965) in an unpublished manuscript and was first published by Burger (1970). At its type section in the NE¼SE¼NW¼ sec. 24, T. 8 N., R. 8 W., near Antioch Church, Sullivan County, Ind., it consists of a conglomeratic limestone 6.4 feet (2.0 m) thick. This unit lies 2 feet (0.6 m) below the Bucktown Coal Member of the Dugger Formation and 20 feet (6 m) above the Alum Cave Limestone Member. In places a thin unnamed coal lies between the Alum Cave and Antioch limestones, but it is not present in the type area (Wier, 1965). The Antioch has locally been called the Upper Alum Cave Limestone. (See Wier, 1951, and Kottlowski, 1954.) The Antioch has few specifically identifiable fossils but does have partly broken and recrystallized remains of gastropods, ostracods, brachiopods, and crinoid columnals. The limestone extends northward from its type area to Vermillion County. Although the Antioch limestone is generally not found south of Knox County, a limestone in the stratigraphic position of the Antioch has been reported from a few localities in Pike County.