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Groundwater and surface-water vulnerability and sensitivity studies

  • Evaluation of groundwater age and chemistry relations in aquifer systems in Lake, Porter, and La Porte Counties
  • Groundwater in aquifer systems of LaGrange County–baseline water chemistry, nitrate contamination, and aquifer sensitivity

Coal mine hydrology (surface and underground mines)

  • Augusta Lake project
  • Evaluation of acid mine drainage seeps
  • Evaluation of bench-scale acid mine drainage (AMD) bioremediation tests: Water-quality monitoring and data interpretation
  • Evaluation of methods for controlling metals deposition in acid seeps and acid mine drainage treatment wetlands
  • Friar Tuck acid mine drainage wetland project
  • Hydrochemical evaluation and predictive modeling of sulfate-reducing bioreactor cells
  • Investigation of groundwater in abandoned underground coal mines
  • Monitoring and Modeling a Large-Scale Experiment to Change the Direction of Groundwater Flow at the Blackfoot Reclamation Site in Pike County: Part 2 Assessing the Efficacy of Reclamation that Includes the Construction of a Large Wetland/Bioreactor System
  • Optimization of bioreactor cell design for treating low-flow acid mine drainage in the Midwest: Model development and demonstration
  • Rates and Controls on Toxic Metal Leaching from Coal-Combustion Residues Utilized as Structural Fills in Reclamation Settings: Emphasis on the Midwestern AML Site
  • Sulfate-reducing bioreactor net discharge monitoring