Center for Geospatial Data Analysis (Personnel)


Principal Researchers

  • Dr. Greg Olyphant, Department of Geological Sciences, Indiana University
    Numerical and statistical modeling; Instrumentation and hydrologic monitoring; Wetland and mining hydrology
  • Dr. Sally Letsinger, GISP, Research Hydrogeologist, Center for Geospatial Data Analysis
    Hydrologic and watershed modeling, Geographic Information Systems (GIS), remote sensing
  • Dr. Doug Edmonds, Department of Geological Sciences, Indiana University
    Numerical modeling of earth surface processes, sedimentology, stratigraphy, fluvial geomorphology
  • Dr. Darren Ficklin, Department of Geography, Indiana University
    Watershed and groundwater hydrology, water quality, impacts of climate change on the hydrologic cycle, geostatistics.
  • Tracy Branam, Research Geochemist, Center for Geospatial Data Analysis Geochemistry of mine waters and mine reclamation, coal combustion byproducts, and bedrock aquifers
  • Bob Autio,Hydrogeology, glacial geomorphology, and hydrologic instrumentation

Research Affiliates

  • Dr. Denver Harper, Research Geologist, Center for Geospatial Data Analysis
    Geographic Information Systems (GIS); Coal and mining geology and hydrology, and mine reclamation

Current Student Interns

  • Allison Bowman, Undergraduate Student Intern
  • Annie Dufficy, Undergraduate Student Intern
  • Robin Greene (M.S.), Geochemistry
  • Amy Hagerdon (M.S.), Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
  • Michel Leonard (M.S.), Geographic Information Systems(GIS)
  • Poonam Giri, Graduate Research Assistant (Ph.D.)
  • Qian Zhang (Ph.D.), Coupled groundwater and geochemical modeling
  • Scott David (M.S.), Floodplain accrual processes

Past Student Interns

  • Chris Hall, Undergraduate Student Intern
  • Eric Moore, Undergraduate Student Intern
  • Mary Nicholas, Undergraduate Student Intern
  • Connor Waldoch (M.S.), Numeric modeling of ground source heat pumps
  • Ben Sperl (M.S.), Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
  • Jacob Schumacher (M.S.), Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
  • Steve Emenhiser (M.S.), Coal reclamation studies
  • Peter Burch (M.S.), Coal reclamation studies
  • Alex Riddle, Graduate Research Assistant (M.S.), Hydrogeology of glacial deposits
  • Robert Waddle, Graduate Research Assistant (Ph.D.), Three-dimensional numeric groundwater modeling
  • Matthew Reeder, Graduate Research Assistant (Ph.D.), Hydrochemical modeling
  • Greg Nelson, Graduate Research Assistant (Ph.D.), Geophysics for three-dimensional reconstruction of morphostratigraphic units
  • Paul Levy, Graduate Student Intern (M.S.), Geologic controls on near-surface geothermal resources
  • Alex Gore, Graduate Research Assistant (M.S.), Shallow environmental geophysics
  • Dalton Hardisty, Graduate Research Assistant (M.S.), Mine reclamation hydrology and hydrochemistry
  • Anwar Alsanea, Undergraduate Student Intern
  • Elisabeth Gawthrop, Undergraduate Student Intern
  • Janelle Steffen, Undergraduate Student Intern
  • Ritu Bose, Graduate Research Assistant, Watershed hydrology
  • James Boswell, Undergraduate Intern and Graduate Research Assistant, groundwater modeling, specializing in wetland hydrology
  • Sarah Bryant, Undergraduate Intern
  • Adam Davis, Graduate Research Assistant, Geoecology
  • Jennifer Davis, Undergraduate Student Intern
  • Ted Derheimer, Undergraduate Student Intern
  • Margaret DeSager, Undergraduate Intern, Data processing
  • Rachel Elliott, Undergraduate Intern, Bedrock and surficial geologic mapping
  • Brent Foshee, GPS surveys, Graduate intern
  • Sarah Germann, Undergraduate Student Intern, Water-quality statistics and source area determination
  • David Grunat, Undergraduate Student Intern
  • Adam Haulter, GPS surveys Undergraduate intern
  • Sarah Ivie, Undergraduate Intern, Glacial aquifer characterization
  • Christina James (Ebey), Geologist, Source-water area protection
  • Taehong Kim, Graduate Research Assistant, Glacial aquifer characterization and groundwater modeling
  • Roger Kohn, Undergraduate intern
  • Ginger Korinek, Graduate Research Assistant, Watershed modeling
  • David Lampe, Graduate Research Assistant, Three-dimensional groundwater modeling, geostatistics
  • Nick Leach, Graduate Research Assistant, data and field instrumentation support
  • Sally Letsinger, Graduate Research Assistant, Hydrologic modeling
  • Julia Lynch, Undergraduate Student Intern
  • Anna Makowski, Undergraduate Intern, Hydrologic and water-quality monitoring
  • Luke Martin, Graduate Student Intern (M.S.), Coal reclamation hydrogeochemistry
  • Cristian Medina, Graduate Research Assistant, groundwater modeling and 3D visualization
  • Stacey Moore, Undergraduate Student Intern
  • Martina Morandi, Undergraduate Student Intern
  • Shawn Naylor, Undergraduate Intern, Hydrologic monitoring
  • Michael Novotny, Undergraduate Intern, Hydrologic monitoring
  • Jared Olyphant, Undergraduate Student Intern
  • Jeff Olyphant, Undergraduate Student Intern
  • Mikki Osterloo, Undergraduate Intern, Watershed hydrology
  • Emily Radecki, Undergraduate Intern, Web development
  • Vlad Rybakov, GIS applications, Graduate intern
  • Caleb Schiff, Undergraduate Student Intern Geographic Information Systems, Glacier dynamics
  • Peter Schoepoester, Graduate Research Assistant, Hydrologic and water-quality monitoring
  • William Simmons, Undergraduate Student Intern
  • Jodi Slough, Undergraduate intern
  • Drew Smith, Undergraduate Intern, Geomorphic surface mapping and interpretation
  • Jude Thomas, Graduate Research Assistant
  • Rebecca Travis, Graduate Research Assistant, Wetland hydrology
  • Kyle Waldron, Undergraduate Intern, Environmental impacts of mining
  • Shawn Wheelock, Graduate Research Assistant
  • Alex Zlotin, Graduate Research Assistant

CGDA Staff Alumni

  • Gordon Fraser
  • Edwin Hartke
  • Chris Walls
  • Alex Zlotin
  • Kevin Spindler
  • Curt Thomas
  • Brent Foshee
  • Christina Ebey
  • Anne Hereford
  • Jeff Olyphant
  • Jack Haddan
  • Paul Levy

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