Personnel within the Center for Geospatial Data Analysis have been conducting environmental site-characterization and monitoring studies since 1980. Equipment that is available to researchers includes the following:

  • Surveying: GPS (global positioning system) field units, a GPS base station, and a laser transit.
  • Geophysical: GPR (ground-pentrating radar), EM (electromagnetic terrain conductivity), resistivity and shallow seismic arrays, and neutron- and gamma-ray-logging devices.
  • Hydrologic: Guelph permeameter for measurement of in situ unsaturated hydraulic conductivity; rain gauges; near-surface wind profilers and micrometeorological stations for determining potential evapotranspiration; weighing lysimeters for measuring site-specific infiltration and evapotranspiration; sensors for measuring soil-water tension and moisture content, water levels (surface and groundwater), and air- and water-temperature; ultrasonic doppler instruments for continuous measurements of stream flow; and programmable data loggers for gathering sensor data and triggering automated sampling devices.
  • Water Quality: Transducers for continuous measurements of Eh-pH, SpC, turbidity, dissolved oxygen, and selected ion-specific parameters.
  • Drilling: Equipment that is available through the Indiana Geological Survey includes a mobile augering rig that is capable of extracting continuous cores through unconsolidated materials.
  • Chemical Analysis: The geochemical laboratory of the Indiana Geological and Water Survey is available for determination of major ions and trace elements in samples of water and sediment. Instrumentation includes an ion chromatograph, an ICP (inductively coupled plasma atomic emission spectroscope, and an AA (atomic absorption spectrophotometer).

Researcher using a neutron soil-moisture probe at an urban vapor-intrusion site.

Student intern using GPS equipment to collect data in the IU Griffy Woods Research and Teaching Preserve.

Researcher collecting field-chemistry samples at a reclamation site.

Weather station installed in IU Griffy Woods Research and Teaching Preserve as part of the Indiana Water Balance Network.