The CGDA is located on the fourth floor of the Indiana Geological Survey wing of the Geology Building on Indiana University's Bloomington campus.

The Center maintains two active laboratories that provide space for water quality analyses (S414A) and determining sediment physical properties (S426).

Two computing labs (S414C and GY428) are used by several student interns and graduate students to conduct numerical modeling, statistical analyses, and data analysis using geographic information systems (GIS). Computer hardware currently includes 8 Windows7 desktop personal computers. Various scanners, digitizers, CD and DVD writers, color plotters, and a development Web server are also available.

Field operations include: Campbell dataloggers and hydrologic instrumentation, a Troxler neutron soil moisture probe, a Leica laser transit, In-situ and Solinst pressure transducers, a YSI multiparameter sonde, a Guelph permeameter, and several other instruments.

A conference room (S429) is used as meeting space, a library, and occasionally serves as a small classroom.