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The Danville Coal Member of the Dugger Formation is an important mining target in Indiana. The Indiana Geological Survey has been collecting physical and chemical data and mapping the Danville Coal for many years. This publication is the most comprehensive digital compilation of geologic information about the Danville Coal in Indiana that is currently available from the Indiana Geological Survey. The database is accompanied by an interactive application that is a visual presentation of the Danville Coal Member. It allows users to interactively search, explore, and compare data on coal properties. These data are important for regional coal-quality evaluations and can be used by the public, industry, and state and federal governments.

Drobniak, A., and Mastalerz, M., 2013, Interactive map of the Danville Coal Member in Indiana: Indiana Geological Survey Report of Progress 44, 24 p., 1 fig., 1 table.

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Keywords: coal chemistry, coal quality, coal, digital mapping

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