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ANNOTATION: This 13-CD set contains digital, raster-based maps of abandoned underground coal mines in southwestern Indiana. The maps are digital reproductions of original company mine maps, which were collected from the Indiana Bureau of Mines and Mining (IBMM). This data set was compiled as a component of the Indiana Coal Mine Infomation System (CMIS), an integrated Geographic Information System (GIS) and Database Management System (DBMS), created to compile, catalog, archive, analyze and distribute spatial and tabular coal mine data.

Weber, L. A., Blunck, D. R., Dietz, R., Cole, L. D., Schoephoester, K. M., Eaton, N. K., Irwin, P. , Thielen, K. A. 1998, Abandoned underground coal mine workings maps (cleaned, raster-based TIF images): Indiana Geological Survey Open-File Study 98-08

Notes: Publications in the Indiana Geological Survey Open-File series have been inconsistently named using a variety of series titles including "Open-File Report," "Open-File Map," and "Open-File Study." Prior to 1994, a publication in this series was generally referred to as an "Open-File Report" (but not always). To help reduce confusion created by these inconsistencies, the IGS now refers to every publication in the Open-File series as an "Open-File Study." To be entirely correct in writing a bibliographic reference for a publication, one should use the series name and number that appears on the publication itself.

One compact disk (CD) containing .jpg format images of original company underground mines from mines in southwest Indiana. Images are compiled on CDs by county (or groups of counties) which may be purchased as a set or individually. Each CD is $35.00.

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Keywords: database, GIS, coal, energy resources, mine, underground

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