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ABSTRACT: The Seelyville Coal Member of the Linton Formation in Indiana contains potentially 1.5 to 3.0 trillion cubic feet (Tcf) of gas as coalbed methane. The gas content determined by canister adsorption technique ranges from 15.4 to 182.2 standard cubic feet (scf)/ton (dry, ash free-daf). Gas content calculated using Kim formula is significantly higher than that measured directly and ranges from 24.5 to 333.5 scf/ton (daf). The controls on gas content distribution are complex and cannot be explained by coal rank alone. Ash content and the lithology of the overlying strata, as well as other factors, influence this distribution.

Drobniak, A. , Mastalerz, M. , Rupp, J. A., Eaton, N. K. 2002, A GIS-based evaluation of coalbed gas potential of the Seelyville Coal in Indiana. Final report to the United States Geological Survey: Indiana Geological Survey Open-File Study 02-05, 30 p., 16 fig.

Notes: Publications in the Indiana Geological Survey Open-File series have been inconsistently named using a variety of series titles including "Open-File Report," "Open-File Map," and "Open-File Study." Prior to 1994, a publication in this series was generally referred to as an "Open-File Report" (but not always). To help reduce confusion created by these inconsistencies, the IGS now refers to every publication in the Open-File series as an "Open-File Study." To be entirely correct in writing a bibliographic reference for a publication, one should use the series name and number that appears on the publication itself.

Also in CD for $35.00. CD-ROM contains added information including an Access database of all public information used to create the report.

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Keywords: Linton Formation, Seelyville Coal Member, methane, gas, cbm, Pennsylvanian, energy resources, Carbondale Group, GIS, coalbed methane

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