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How did the limestone of southern Indiana develop from just another rock outcropping into a world recognized building product? The people who made it happen have all been dead for a hundred years. Most of the company records have disappeared. Most of the families of the company executives have died or moved away from the limestone fields. The only manner that the history could be pieced together is from the early newspaper reports about the happenings in the local limestone trade. Microfilm copies of those early newspapers have been reviewed to identify what happened that was thought to be noteworthy in their day. Additionally, some information was found in early trade magazines and in the Lawrence County Recorder's office that listed early contracts and companies that were incorporated in Lawrence County. Early census records assisted in identifying some of the early stone workers in Bedford. In some cases the local newspaper reprinted articles from other cities that the local editors thought would be of interest to the Bedford limestone trade readers. The books' pages are direct copies of those articles found in the local papers. Usually the name of the paper, and the date the article appeared is given at the start of each news item. No attempt has been made to edit the items found. It is just a slow walk through the development of the limestone industry. At some time the flow (give on a time line format) of the stories seem disjointed from just the major development stories of the industry to some of the gossip and chit-chat of the trade. It is realized that Bedford is not the only town that prospered with the limestone industry. However this work is localized to mainly Lawrence County since the source was Lawrence County newspapers.

Bell, R. 2008, Early history of Indiana limestone: AuthorHouse Miscellaneous Item 97, 153 p.

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