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Hasenmueller, N. R., Buehler, M. A., Krothe, N. C., Comer, J. B., Branam, T. D., Ennis, M. V., Smith, R. T., Zamani, D. D., Hahn, L., and Rybarczyk, J. P., 2006, Water-quality characteristics and contaminants in the rural karst-dominated Spring Mill Lake watershed, southern Indiana, in Harmon, R.S., and Wicks, C., eds., Perspectives on Karst geomorphology, hydrology, and geochemistry--a tribute volume to Derek C. Ford and William B. White: Geological Society of America Special Paper 404, Boulder, Colorado, p. 153-168.

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Keywords: water, water quality, contamination, karst, Spring Mill Lake, Spring Mill, watershed

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