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INTRODUCTION: Coal mining in Indiana is a constantly changing industry. Each year new mines arise while others cease production or enter various phases of reclamation. The purpose of this publication is to provide information describing Indiana's currently permitted coal mines. A brief description of past, present, and future elements of the coal-mining industry in Indiana is presented, followed by a directory of coal mines currently permitted by the Indiana Division of Reclamation (IDOR). Each mine is presented by showing location maps, a production history, and administrative information. A registry of coal companies is included, as well as an overview of Indiana's coal processing areas. Intrinsically, directories contain rapidly changing information, but every effort was made to include data that is as accurate and comprehensive as possible

Weber, L. A., Carpenter, J. A., Shaffer, K. R., Irwin, P. 2002, Directory of coal mines and producers in Indiana—2002: Indiana Geological Survey Directory 12-02, 136 p., 4 fig.

Notes: This directory includes index maps of the IllinoisBasin and southwestern Indiana, as well as countyoverview maps and coal production tables for eachcounty having mines with active permits. In addition,a detailed map of each mine shows mined-out areas,as well as locations of active pits, mine offices, andlocal roads. Detailed maps of each mine areaccompanied by tabular information including minelocation, mine type, operation dates, mining status,coals mined, ownership information, contact personnel,addresses, phone numbers, and production data.

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Keywords: coal directory, coal mines, directory, coal, mine, energy resources

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