INTRODUCTION: This bibliography contains references for Indiana geology from 1956 through 1975. It is intended for use by professional geologists, professionals in related fields, geology students, and interested laymen; and it updates the "Annotated Bibliography of Indiana Geology Through 1955," by G.M. Nevers and R.D. Walker, which was published as Indiana Geological Survey Bulletin 24 in 1962. Attempts have been made to include all significant references to Indiana geology and to related fields, such as soils, meteorites, earthquakes, floods, and streamflow. The types of documents covered include analytic and monographic books and serials, guidebooks, theses, government reports, symposium volumes or conference proceedings, bibliographies, maps, open-file reports, and abstracts. The format of the citations and index of this bibliography is similar to that used in Bulletin 24. Citations consist of authors, date of publication, title, name of publication or journal, number of pages or page numbers, number of plates, number of figures, and number of tables. If the same author has more than one publication in a given year, the publications are alphabetized by title and are marked consecutively by letters of the alphabet, for example 1967a, 1967b, 1967c. Brief annotations summarizing the topics discussed in the citations are included for most entries. We wish to acknowledge the work performed on this bibliography by the contributors who preceded us. The staff of the Indiana Geological Survey and the faculty of the Geology Department at Indiana University and other universities in Indiana and surrounding states assisted in obtaining new references to be included in the bibliography. Lois Heiser and the staff of the Geology Library at Indiana University assisted in locating reference material. Robert H. Shaver and other members of the Geologic Names Committee of the Indiana Geological Survey reviewed the bibliography for use of geologic names. We are grateful to Gerald S. Woodard for editing and providing advice and assistance in completing the bibliography. Finally, we wish to recognize the work of Belita J. Minett and Kathryn R. Shaffer, who typed and formatted the bibliography.

Hasenmueller, N. R., Tankersley, J. R. 1987, Annotated bibliography of Indiana geology—1956 through 1975: Indiana Geological Survey Bulletin 60, 425 p.

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Keywords: bibliography, geology, reference, annotation

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