Bulletin 23 Abstract: A large fauna of arenaceous Foraminifera comes from exposures of the Brassfield Limestone (Albion Series, Silurian) in Franklin, Ripley, Jefferson, and Clark Counties, southeastern Indiana. It consits of 14 genera and 26 species of the families Saccamminidae and Rhizamminidae Brady, Hyperamminidae Eimer and Fickert, and Tolypamminidae Cushman. The ammodiscids are here assigned to the latter family family, which is particularly characteristic of the Brassfield fauna. Stomasphaera and Amphicervicis are new genera; new species are S. brassfieldensis, A. elliptica, and A. hemisphaerica. The foraminifers that generally have been assigned to the genus Ammodiscus Reuss should be called Involutina Terquem. The genus Turritellella Rhumbler, two species of Glomospira Rzehak, two of Sorosphaera Brady, and one of Psammosphaera Schulze are here reported for the first time from older rocks considered to be Albion in age. Altogether, the Brassfield gauna has as close a percentage relationship to Niagaran faunas as it has to earlier described Albion faunas.

Mound, M. C. 1961, Arenaceous foraminifera from the Brassfield Limestone (Albion) of southeastern Indiana: Indiana Geological Survey Bulletin 23, 38 p., 5 fig., 3 pl.

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Keywords: paleontology, Silurian, Brassfield Limestone, foraminifera, fossil

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