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INTRODUCTION: Sections in Indiana and the Louisville, Kentucky, area have been chosen for this field trip to show stratigraphic relationships associated with four of the Paleozoic systemic boundaries and to illustrate regional patterns of deposition and erosion. During the first two days, the stops will illustrate stratigraphy associated with the Ordovician-Silurian, Silurian-Devonian, and Devonian-Mississippian boundaries. These stops are in southeastern Indiana and the Louisville, Kentucky area. During the third day stops will concentrate on Mississippian-Pennsylvanian boundary relationships from southern Indiana northward to west-central Indiana. The field-trip area in terms of the present tectonic setting in the midwestern arches and basin region is on the merging western flank of the Cincinnati Arch and the eastern or northeastern margin of the Illinois Basin. Stops for the first two days suggest that much tectonic control of Ordovician through Devonian deposition was structurally unrelated to the modern Cincinnati Arch, but some depositional patterns suggest that fledgling structures reflecting shifting adjustments in the basement complex ultimately resulted in the Cincinnati Arch. Isopach maps of the series within the Mississippian System (Willman and others, 1975) indicate that after Kinderhookian deposition the Illinois Basin was a distinct negative feature, although it apparently was not closed to the south until later. A negative tendency for areas within the present Illinois Basin in Middle and Late Silurian time and in Early and Middle Devonian time (Droste and Shaver, 1983), presages the subsequent basin.

Shaver, R. H., Sunderman, J. A. 1983, Field trips in midwestern geology: Indiana Geological Survey Atlas Map Volume1, 224 p., 133 fig.

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Keywords: general geology, stratigraphy, Paleozoic

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