Map showing elevation of the bedrock surface in Indiana (2016)

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Authors: Shawn Naylor
Jacob Schumacher
Benjamin Sperl

During the Pleistocene Epoch, multiple glacial advances deposited sediment of varying thickness throughout Indiana and reshaped the preglacial landscape. These sediments overlie the bedrock surface and have hydrologic and thermal properties that often contrast with the underlying bedrock units, making this interface an important feature to delineate for well drillers, engineers, and geothermal heat pump designers, among others. Furthermore, understanding the configuration of the bedrock surface is an important starting point for many aggregate, coal, petroleum, and general geologic investigations.

Naylor, S., Schumacher, J., and Sperl, B. J., 2016, Map showing elevation of the bedrock surface in Indiana: Indiana Geological Survey Miscellaneous Map 94A, scale 1:500,000.

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Map showing elevation of the bedrock surface in Indiana (contours)

Keywords: bedrock surface, map, geothermal, bedrock topography, buried valley, relict landforms

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