Pages authored by Tracy Branam:

  1. Mine Reclamation / Acid Mine Drainage
    Pyrite, or iron sulfide (FeS2), is a mineral that is commonly found within Indiana coal seams and the adjacent rock strata. When coal beds and surrounding rock units are disturbed during mining, the associated pyrite is exposed to oxygen and water, and chemical reactions produce highly mineralized acidic mine drainage (AMD).
  2. Mine Reclamation / Midwestern Project Extension
    In February 1999, the Indiana Geological Survey reported on a project titled “Hydrology and Water Quality Associated with the Midwestern Reclamation Site (Site No. 1087), Pike County, Indiana.”
  3. Mine Reclamation / Reclamation in Indiana
    Acid mine drainage (AMD) is the cause of many environmental problems associated with abandoned mine lands. Where AMD is present, the abundance and variety of plant and animal life is greatly reduced, so that the land is susceptible to erosion and streams are subjected to siltation.