Pages authored by Todd A. Thompson:

  1. Geologic Time / Development of Lake Michigan
    The movement of glaciers across Indiana dramatically altered the landscape. Although less dramatic, modern geologic processes continue to shape the land.
  2. Geologic Time / Personal Timeline
    It is a common practice in geology to try to explain the vastness of the Earth's geologic time by referring to common objects. Some examples are the length of a football field, distance across the country, or time in a day. My favorite is carried around by all of us, and it is the distance from one hand to the other with the arms outstretched.
  3. Geologic Time / Ribbon Timeline
    The graphic below is a representation of the geologic time scale used by geologists (we bent it and chopped it off a little bit). Time periods in the earth's history are given names, so that they can be easily referred to.