Pages authored by Stanley J. Keller:

  1. Buffalo Wallow Group / Grove Church Shale
    Type locality: The Grove Church Shale was named by Swann (1963) for Cedar Grove Church, Johnson County, Ill. Sixteen feet (4.9 m) of shale and interbedded limestone are exposed in a road cut and in gullies about 1 mile (1.6 km) east of Lick Creek, Ill. No other surface exposures have been reported.
  2. Buffalo Wallow Group / Kinkaid Limestone
    Type locality and use of name in Indiana: The Kinkaid Limestone was named by Stuart Weller (1920b, p. 218) for exposures of gray and yellow-gray cherry limestone, varicolored shale, and a few thin beds of sandstone along Kinkaid Creek, Jackson County, Ill.