Pages authored by Maria Mastalerz:

  1. Coal and Coalbed Methane / Coalbed Methane
    There continues to be nationwide interest in the development of coal-bed methane (CBM) as an alternative source of natural gas, primarily because of the increase in natural gas prices coupled with an increase in demand.
  2. Coal / Chemical Properties
    The properties of fly ash depend on numerous factors, such as the composition of feed coal, pulverizing and combustion conditions, and conditions of deposition of fly ash.
  3. Coal / Coal-Slurry Deposits
    Indiana has a long history of coal mining by both underground and surface methods, and the state is still a major producer of coal (34.5 million tons in 2005, Indiana Coal Council).
  4. Coal / Mercury Content
    Inorganic constituents in coal have a significant effect on almost every aspect of coal utilization as well as its impact on the environment. Mercury (Hg) is one of the elements of special environmental concern.
  5. Coal / Petrographic Characterization of Fly Ash
    Fly ash is a volumetrically dominant type of coal combustion product; we must understand its properties in order to better utilize it. Petrographic composition is one of these properties.