Pages authored by John A. Rupp:

  1. Energy & Minerals / Oil and Gas
    Oil and gas is produced from a number of fields located dominantly in the southwestern and east-central portions of the state. For maps showing the distribution of producing oil and gas fields in much of Indiana, see Oil, Gas, and Gas Storage Fields of Indiana. Indiana has an extensive system of interstate and intrastate pipelines.
  2. Bedrock Geology / Tectonic Features
    Indiana lies toward the middle of the North American continent, far from the coastal regions and the mountains. We now know that continents move about the surface of the earth, bumping into other continents and drifting away. This takes millions of years to happen, of course, but the results can still be seen today in the rocks of the continents.
  3. Coal and Coalbed Methane / Coalbed Methane
    There continues to be nationwide interest in the development of coal-bed methane (CBM) as an alternative source of natural gas, primarily because of the increase in natural gas prices coupled with an increase in demand.