The Petroleum Database Management System (PDMS) is a web application designed to distribute petroleum-related information from the Indiana Geological and Water Survey (IGWS). The database contains information on more than 83,000 petroleum-related wells drilled in Indiana. The data include information on well locations, completion zones, logs, operators, lease names, tests, hydrocarbon shows, samples, cores, geologic formations and tops, and much more. The PDMS is built around three modules: 1) the Well Record Tables; 2) the Map Viewer, which together with the Well Record Tables, provide two interfaces for viewing petroleum well information; and 3) the Fields and Production summaries, which summarize oil, gas, and gas storage fields, and historical oil production.

Updated Services Announcement

The much anticipated 2013 release of the Indiana Geological and Water Survey's PDMS Map Viewer is now available from the Petroleum Database Management System (PDMS) Website. Additional improvements to other parts of the PDMS such as batch download capabilities and true-scale printing have been made. Also with this release, the PDMS will come in two versions: the Basic Version will be free to users and will provide access to petroleum well documents and a considerable amount of map data. The Premium Version will offer a number of advanced features to help our clients be more efficient and productive when utilizing the well records in Indiana. An annual subscription fee of $500 will be required to use the Premium PDMS Version. While we would love to provide all of our products and services at no cost to individuals and businesses working in Indiana, economic realities of our time dictate that we must generate an income stream to help offset the cost of providing service to the professional community. We appreciate your understanding during our transition to a two-tier pricing structure. A detailed explanation and comparison of the new features and pricing schedule for the Basic and Premium versions can be found at this link.

Well Record Tables

Well data are displayed in tables. Viewing and downloading well records is only possible in the Well Record Tables. The well data are organized in outline form where each well is identified by the IGWS ID, a unique number that represents a unique location on the ground. The IGWS ID provides the link between the Well Record Tables and the Map Viewer. Each well is subdivided in to a series of "events" that make up the well's history. Data for each well event are contained in subtables that are linked to that event.

Map Viewer

The Map Viewer is an interface that displays interactive maps of petroleum well data. This map viewer is connected to the Well Record Tables when detailed information is needed.

Fields and Production

Summary information on oil, gas, and gas storage fields can be searched for by field name. Field production histories for oil fields are shown in tables and graphs.

Thanks to Indiana Oil and Gas Association

The Indiana Geological and Water Survey appreciates a generous grant given by the Indiana Oil and Gas Association (InOGA) in 2009 in support of the Indiana Geological and Water Survey's effort to scan the petroleum well records and to make them available online. InOGA's contribution funded the scanning and integration of all logs and documents of the Indiana "Type Log Wells," 356 wells which were selected by John B. Droste as the most geologically informative wells in Indiana based on their distribution, total depth, available geophysical log suites, and associated sample and core information where possible. The wells that make up this set are distributed around the state with an average of four wells per county. In most cases these constitute the deepest wells in the state and are often ones that have been used in other survey investigations and publications. A complete listing of these 356 wells can be obtained by checking the "Type Log Wells" box in the "Additional Search Options" portion on the "Well Search Menu" when using the Well Record Tables function on the PDMS home page. The wells are also shown in the Map Viewer by selecting the "Type Log Wells" option listed in the "Special Wells Section" of the Layers Menu.

TGS Geological Products and Services (TGS)

The Indiana Geological and Water Survey (IGWS) appreciates the assistance of TGS Geological Products and Services (TGS) in providing digitally scanned images of logs, reports, and other documents from the IGWS paper well record files (282,164 individual records). In exchange for a period of exclusivity that ended May 1, 2012, TGS provided scans to fill out the entire IGWS collection of well documents. The IGWS is authorized to release these scanned images in any manner it chooses, and will make them available online via the Petroleum Database Management System (PDMS). TGS sells their scanned images, which additionally include well logs in both depth-registered and digitized LAS format, at

The PDMS online help provides an overview of the database.