Indiana BeachGuard Monitoring System (IDEM)
Beachcast (GLIN)
Great Lakes Nowcast (NOAA)
Indiana Dunes Nowcast (NOAA)
Great Lakes Environmental Research Laboratory (GLERL) Real-Time Meteorological Observation Network
The GLERL operates this network of 7 stations with locations primarily around southern Lake Michigan (1 in Indiana). The network provides up to 5-minute observations of air temperature, wind speed, and wind direction.

Indiana Historical Aerial Photo Index (IGWS)
Natural Connections - Green Infrastructure in Wisconsin, Illinois & Indiana (Openlands)

Remediation Projects
See remediation page

Indiana Dunes State Park (IDNR)
Indiana Dunes National Lake Shore (NPS)

Hydrologic Data
Indiana Water Monitoring Inventory (IWMC)
Coastal Nonpoint Pollution Control Program (IDNR - LMCP)
Real-Time Water Data for Indiana (USGS)
Web-based Hydrograph Analysis Tool + Google (Purdue)

Burns Ditch & Trail Creek Watershed Management System (Purdue)
Local Decision Maker
Long-Term Impact Assessments (L-THIA) (Purdue)

Indiana Lake Michigan Coastal Program (IDNR - LMCP)
Great Lakes information network (GLIN)

Info to know

Remediation efforts are underway in many areas of the LakeRim region in northwestern Indiana.