Indiana Board of LPG: Licensing Program Fees

Miscellaneous Fees
Application fee :$70.00 *
Renewal fee (3 yrs) :$60.00 **
Late-Renewal fee :$15.00 ***
Certificate reprint :$30.00 *
ASBOG Exam Fees
Fundamentals of Geology:$200.00 ****
Practice of Geology:$250.00 ****
Reschedule of Exam Fee (Each exam):$25.00 ****
Manual Regrade of Exam Fee (Each exam):$75.00 *
Proctored Review of Exam Fee (Each exam):$75.00 *
Refund Policy
**Refundable only if duplicate payment has been made or can extend the license expiration date
***Refundable only if paid in error
****Refundable only until the fee remittal deadline date

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