Matched 225 formal names:

  1. Alum Cave Limestone Member
  2. Ancell Group
  3. Antioch Limestone Member
  4. Antrim Shale
  5. Anvil Rock Sandstone Member
  6. Aux Vases Member
  7. Backbone Limestone
  8. Bailey Limestone
  9. Bainbridge Group
  10. Beaver Bend Limestone
  11. Beech Creek Limestone
  12. Beechwood Member
  13. Bethel Formation
  14. Big Clifty Formation
  15. Black River Group
  16. Blocher Member
  17. Blue Creek Coal Member
  18. Blue River Group
  19. Bond Formation
  20. Borden Group
  21. Brainard Shale
  22. Branchville Formation
  23. Brassfield Limestone
  24. Brazil Formation
  25. Bridge Junction Sandstone Member
  26. Bristow Sandstone Member
  27. Bryantsville Breccia Bed
  28. Bucktown Coal Member
  29. Buffalo Wallow Group
  30. Buffaloville Coal Member
  31. Busseron Sandstone Member
  32. Cabot Head Member
  33. Camp Run Member
  34. Carbondale Group
  35. Carthage Limestone Member
  36. Cataract Formation
  37. Cave Hill Shale Member
  38. Clear Creek Chert
  39. Clegg Creek Member
  40. Clore Formation
  41. Cohn Coal Member
  42. Colchester Coal Member
  43. Coldwater Shale
  44. Coxville Sandstone Member
  45. Cranberry Marsh Member
  46. Curdsville Member
  47. Cypress Formation
  48. Danville Coal Member
  49. Davis Formation
  50. Degonia Formation
  51. Detroit River Formation
  52. Dicksburg Hills Sandstone Member
  53. Dillsboro Formation
  54. Ditney Coal Member
  55. Downeys Bluff Member
  56. Dugger Formation
  57. Dutch Creek Sandstone Member
  58. Dutchtown Formation
  59. Eau Claire Formation
  60. Edwardsville Formation
  61. Ellsworth Shale, Ellsworth Member
  62. Elwren Formation
  63. Everton Dolomite
  64. Excello Shale Member
  65. Fairbanks Coal Member
  66. Falling Run Bed
  67. Ferdinand Bed
  68. Floyds Knob Limestone Member
  69. Folsomville Member
  70. Fort Atkinson Limestone
  71. Franconia Formation
  72. Fredonia Member
  73. French Lick Coal Member
  74. Fulda Bed
  75. Galesville Sandstone
  76. Geneva Dolomite Member
  77. Glen Dean Limestone
  78. Goreville Limestone Member
  79. Grassy Knob Chert
  80. Grove Church Shale
  81. Grover Ditch Member
  82. Guthrie Creek Bed
  83. Haney Limestone
  84. Hardinsburg Formation
  85. Harrodsburg Limestone
  86. Hazelton Bridge Coal Member
  87. Henryville Bed
  88. Herrin Coal Member
  89. Holland Limestone Member
  90. Houchin Creek Coal Member
  91. Hymera Coal Member
  92. Indian Springs Shale Member
  93. Inglefield Sandstone Member
  94. Ironton Sandstone
  95. Jacobs Chapel Bed
  96. Jeffersonville Limestone
  97. Joachim Dolomite
  98. Joppa Member
  99. Karnak Member
  100. Kenneth Limestone Member
  101. Kenwood Member
  102. Kinkaid Limestone
  103. Knox Supergroup
  104. Kokomo Limestone Member
  105. Kope Formation
  106. Laurel Member
  107. Lead Creek Limestone Member
  108. Lee Creek Member
  109. Leesville Bed
  110. Leopold Limestone Member
  111. Lexington Limestone
  112. Limberlost Dolomite Member
  113. Linton Formation
  114. Liston Creek Limestone Member
  115. Livingston Limestone Member
  116. Lost River Chert Bed
  117. Louisville Limestone, Louisville Member
  118. Lower Block Coal Member
  119. Manitoulin Dolomite Member
  120. Mansfield Formation
  121. Maquoketa Group
  122. Mariah Hill Coal Member
  123. Mattoon Formation
  124. McLeansboro Group
  125. Mecca Quarry Shale Member
  126. Menard Limestone
  127. Merom Sandstone Member
  128. Middle Run Formation
  129. Milan Center Dolomite Member
  130. Minshall Coal Member
  131. Mississinewa Shale Member
  132. Moccasin Springs Formation
  133. Morgan Trail Member
  134. Mount Pleasant Sandstone Member
  135. Mount Simon Sandstone
  136. Muldraugh Formation
  137. Munising Group
  138. Muscatatuck Group
  139. Negli Creek Limestone Member
  140. New Albany Shale
  141. New Harmony Group
  142. New Providence Shale
  143. North Vernon Limestone
  144. Oneota Dolomite
  145. Osgood Member
  146. Palestine Formation
  147. Paoli Limestone
  148. Parker Coal Member
  149. Patoka Formation
  150. Pecatonica Formation
  151. Pendleton Sandstone Bed
  152. Perth Limestone Member
  153. Petersburg Formation
  154. Pinnick Coal Member
  155. Pirtle Coal Member
  156. Plattin Formation
  157. Pleasant Mills Formation
  158. Point Pleasant Member
  159. Potosi Dolomite
  160. Potsdam Supergroup
  161. Prairie du Chien Group
  162. Providence Limestone Member
  163. Raben Branch Coal Member
  164. Raccoon Creek Group
  165. Ramp Creek Formation
  166. Red Bridge Limestone Bed
  167. Reelsville Limestone
  168. Renault Member
  169. Riverview Limestone Member
  170. Rockford Limestone
  171. Salamonie Dolomite
  172. Salem Limestone
  173. Salina Group
  174. Saluda Member
  175. Sample Formation
  176. Sanders Group
  177. Scales Shale
  178. Schweizer Member
  179. Seelyville Coal Member
  180. Selmier Member
  181. Sexton Creek Limestone
  182. Shady Lane Coal Member
  183. Shakopee Dolomite
  184. Shelburn Formation
  185. Siberia Limestone Member
  186. Silver Creek Member
  187. Silverwood Limestone Member
  188. Sisson Member
  189. Somerset Shale Member
  190. Speed Member
  191. Spickert Knob Formation
  192. Springfield Coal Member
  193. St. Clair Limestone
  194. St. Louis Limestone
  195. St. Meinrad Coal Member
  196. St. Peter Sandstone
  197. St. Wendel Sandstone Member
  198. Staunton Formation
  199. Ste. Genevieve Limestone
  200. Stendal Limestone Member
  201. Stephensport Group
  202. Stroh Member
  203. Sunbury Shale
  204. Survant Coal Member
  205. Tar Springs Formation
  206. Tick Ridge Sandstone Member
  207. Tioga Bentonite Bed
  208. Tobinsport Formation
  209. Traverse Formation
  210. Trenton Limestone
  211. Underwood Bed
  212. Universal Limestone Member
  213. Upper Block Coal Member
  214. Velpen Limestone Member
  215. Vernon Fork Member
  216. Vienna Limestone, Vienna Limestone Member
  217. Vigo Limestone Member
  218. Wabash Formation
  219. Walche Limestone Member
  220. Waldron Formation, Waldron Shale, Waldron Member
  221. Waltersburg Formation
  222. West Baden Group
  223. West Franklin Limestone Member
  224. Whitewater Formation
  225. Yankeetown Member

Matched 76 miscellaneous/abandoned names:

  1. Alum Cave Limestone Member
    Arthur Limestone
  2. Antioch Limestone Member
    Upper Alum Cave Limestone
  3. Antrim Shale
    Genesee Shale
  4. Aux Vases Member
    Popcorn Member
  5. Backbone Limestone
  6. Beaver Bend Limestone
    Lower Paint Creek Limestone
  7. Beech Creek Limestone
    Barlow Lime
  8. Beechwood Member
    Carey Member, Encrinital (Encrinal, Crinoidal) Limestone, restricted Sellersburg Limestone, Swanville Formation
  9. Bethel Formation
    Mooretown Sandstone, Ohio River Formation, Sample Sandstone Member
  10. Big Clifty Formation
    Cypress Sandstone, Jackson Sand
  11. Borden Group
    Borden Series, Borden Siltstone, Knobstone
  12. Brassfield Limestone
    Clinton Limestone
  13. Bucktown Coal Member
    Bucktown Coal Member (Vb), Coal Vb, Coal Va
  14. Buffaloville Coal Member
    Coal II
  15. Carthage Limestone Member
    Shoal Creek Limestone Member
  16. Colchester Coal Member
    Coal IIIa, Colchester Coal Member (IIIa), Velpen Coal
  17. Coldwater Shale
    Coldwater Red Rock
  18. Cypress Formation
    Cypress Sand
  19. Danville Coal Member
    Coal VI, Coal VII, Danville Coal Member (VII), Little Newburg Coal, Millersburg Coal, Upper Millersburg Coal
  20. Dicksburg Hills Sandstone Member
    Murphys Bluff Formation
  21. Dillsboro Formation
    Maysville Group, Richmond Group, Waynesville Formation
  22. Edwardsville Formation
    Riverside Sandstone, Crawfordsville crinoid beds
  23. Ellsworth Shale, Ellsworth Member
    Hannibal Member
  24. Ferdinand Bed
    Grandview Limestone
  25. Fort Atkinson Limestone
    Waynesville Formation, Waynesville Shale Member
  26. Fredonia Member
    Spar Mountain Member, Horse Cave Member (of the St. Louis Limestone)
  27. French Lick Coal Member
    Coal I
  28. Geneva Dolomite Member
    Shelby Bed
  29. Glen Dean Limestone
    Little lime
  30. Haney Limestone
    Golconda Formation, Golconda Limestone, Big lime
  31. Hardinsburg Formation
    Hightower sand, Hoover sand
  32. Harrodsburg Limestone
    Upper Harrodsburg Limestone, Lower Harrodsburg Limestone
  33. Holland Limestone Member
    Upper Huntingburg Chert
  34. Houchin Creek Coal Member
    Coal IVa, Houchin Creek Coal Member (IVa)
  35. Hymera Coal Member
    Coal VI, Hymera Coal Member (VI), Lower Millersburg Coal
  36. Jeffersonville Limestone
    Corniferous Limestone
  37. Joachim Dolomite
    Glenwood Shale
  38. Joppa Member
    Levias Member (upper part)
  39. Karnak Member
    Levias Member (middle part)
  40. Kokomo Limestone Member
    Waterlime, Lower Waterlime, Lower Helderberg, Eurypterid Beds
  41. Kope Formation
    Eden Group, Eden Shale, Utica Shale
  42. Lexington Limestone
    Cynthiana Formation, Lexington-Cynthiana
  43. Louisville Limestone, Louisville Member
    New Corydon Limestone
  44. Lower Block Coal Member
    Coal III
  45. Maquoketa Group
    Richmond Group, Maysville Group, Eden Group
  46. Mariah Hill Coal Member
    Lower Huntingburg Coal, Upper Mariah Hill Coal
  47. Mecca Quarry Shale Member
    Mecca Shale Member
  48. New Albany Shale
    Louisville-Delphi Black Slate, Genesee Shale, Blackiston Formation, Sanderson Formation
  49. North Vernon Limestone
    Hydraulic Limestone, Sellersburg Beds/Limestone, Hamilton Group, Jeffersonville Limestone, Logansport Limestone, Little Rock Creek Limestone, Miami Bend Formation
  50. Perth Limestone Member
    Minshall Limestone
  51. Pirtle Coal Member
    Coal VIIa
  52. Providence Limestone Member
    Main Newburg Limestone
  53. Renault Member
    Shetlerville Member
  54. Rockford Limestone
    Goniatite limestone of Rockford, Goniatite Limestone, Rockford Goniatite bed
  55. Salem Limestone
    Bedford Limestone, Bedford stone, Bloomington stone, Ellettsville stone, Salem stone, White River stone, Bastard stone, Spergen fossil bed, Spergen's Hill bed, Bedford Oolitic Limestone, Spergen Hill Limestone, Spergen Limestone, Indiana Limestone
  56. Salina Group
    Huntington Lithofacies, Huntington Dolomite, Huntington Limestone, Huntington Stone
  57. Saluda Member
    Saluda Bed, Madison Beds, Saluda Limestone, Saluda Formation
  58. Sample Formation
    Brandy Run Sandstone
  59. Seelyville Coal Member
    Coal III, Coal VI, Lower Hanging Rock Coal, Rock Creek Coal, Seelyville Coal Member (III), Staunton Coal
  60. Shady Lane Coal Member
    Coal I, Peacock Coal
  61. Silver Creek Member
    Hydraulic Limestone, Silver Creek Hydraulic Limestone, Cement Beds (Rock), Waterlime, New Chapel Chert Bed
  62. Speed Member
    Deputy Formation
  63. Spickert Knob Formation
    Carwood Formation, Locust Point Formation
  64. Springfield Coal Member
    coal at Alum Cave, Coal V, Main Newburg Coal, Petersburg Coal, Springfield Coal Member (V)
  65. St. Meinrad Coal Member
    Coal II, Lower Cannelton Coal, Upper Cannelton Coal, Upper Troy Coal
  66. St. Wendel Sandstone Member
    Bufkin Formation
  67. Stendal Limestone Member
    Houchin Creek cap, Houchin Creek Limestone
  68. Sunbury Shale
    Sunbury Black Slate
  69. Survant Coal Member
    Coal IV, Survant Coal Member (IV)
  70. Tioga Bentonite Bed
    Onondaga Indian Nation Bentonite
  71. Upper Block Coal Member
    Coal IV
  72. Vernon Fork Member
    laminated beds, Laminated Zone, chalk beds, or fine-grained dolostone of the Jeffersonville Limestone
  73. Wabash Formation
    Niagaran [rocks], New Corydon Limestone, Noblesville Dolomite
  74. Waldron Formation, Waldron Shale, Waldron Member
    Waldron beds, Waldron fossil beds
  75. West Franklin Limestone Member
    Maria Creek Limestone, Somerville Formation, Somerville Limestone
  76. Whitewater Formation
    Elkhorn Formation