New York State Geological Survey
New York State Museum
3140 Cultural Education Center
Albany, New York 12230


Mark Schaming
Director of New York State Museum

Technical Contacts

Andrew Kozlowski
Curator of Quaternary Landscape Materials
Specialty: Quaternary geology
Museum Scientist III
(518) 486-2012

Brian Bird
Specialties: glacial geology, geologic mapping, GIS
Museum Scientist 1
(518) 486-2058


Shannon Mahan
USGS Director Luminescence Geochronology Laboratory
Specialty: geochronology
Denver, CO 80225

Mapping Advisory Committee

The New York GMAC (Geologic mapping Advisory Committee) includes 12 members representing a diverse group ranging from local townships and villages, state agencies, academia, private industry and governmental institutions. The New York State GMAC is chaired by Mr. David Hamling and meets annually to reconfirm mapping priorities and evaluate mapping proposals.

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