Indiana Geological Survey
611 N. Walnut Grove Avenue
Bloomington, IN 47405-2208


Todd A. Thompson
Director and State Geologist
(812) 855-4400

Technical Contacts

Henry M. Loope
Research Geologist
Specialties: glacial geology, geomorphology
(812) 856-3117
Walter A. Hasenmueller
Research Scientist
Specialties: stratigraphy, geologic mapping
(812) 855-1365

G. William Monaghan
Senior Research Scientist
Specialties: Quaternary geology, geomorphology, geoarchaeology, sedimentology, stratigraphy
(812) 856-3542; Mobile: (812) 272-9137

Jose L. Antinao
Research Geologist
Specialties: geomorphology, geochronology
(812) 855-1366

Nancy R. Hasenmueller
Research Scientist
Specialties: bedrock geology, stratigraphy
(812) 855-1360

Mapping Advisory Committee

The Indiana Geologic Mapping Advisory Committee includes representatives from county, state, and federal agencies, private industry, and academia.

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