Desktop GIS software users may access IGWS Web map services (WMS) online without downloading GIS data sets to their local systems. This is particularly useful for viewing large aerial photo data sets that may be hundreds of gigabytes in size. Follow the instructions below to load map services directly as data layers into ESRI ArcMap or other WMS-compatible GIS software applications.

Instructions for connecting to ArcIMS services from ArcMap

  1. Open ArcMap, and click Add Data.
  2. In the Add Data dialog box, from the "Look In" drop-down menu, choose GIS Servers.
  3. Double-click Add ArcIMS Server.
  4. Enter the URL for the server (
  5. Choose the All Services option, and then click OK to create a new connection to the IGWS server.
  6. In the Add Data dialog box, double-click the new server connection to view available map services.
  7. Select one or more map services, and then click Add to load the map services into ArcMap.

Instructions for connecting to Web Map Services from WMS-compatible clients

From a WMS-compatible client, establish a connection to the map service of interest using this URL format:
[Server]/wmsconnector/com.esri.wms.Esrimap?ServiceName=[Map Service].

Replace [Server] and [Map Service] with information from the table below. For example, to connect to the Geodetic Control Framework service, use:


Map Service

Descriptive Name

Service Description statewideMain* IndianaMap More than 200 statewide layers showing information about coal, environment/biology, geology, hydrology, and infrastructure/demographics
cmisMainNew Coal Mine Information System Surface and underground coal mines, mine entrances, mine subsidence areas, and reference layers for southwestern Indiana
IHAPIMain Indiana Historical Aerial Photos Historic aerial photos, aerial photos indices
fw_boundaries_govt_units* Framework - Government Boundaries State, county, and municipal boundaries
fw_cadastral* Framework - Cadastral Section and township lines
fw_elevation* Framework - Elevation Digital elevation model, elevation contours
fw_geodetic_control* Framework - Geodetic Control Benchmarks
fw_hydrography* Framework - Hydrography National hydrologic data set (rivers, lakes), wetlands
fw_ortho_imagery* Framework - Orthoimagery Indiana orthophotography (aerial photos) for 1998, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, and 2007
fw_transportation* Framework - Transportation Roads, highways, mile markers, railroads, airports
allenMain Allen County Geologic Atlas Geologic maps for Allen County, Indiana (Fort Wayne), including bedrock geology, surficial geology, unconsolidated thickness, and clay thickness
lakeRimMain LakeRim Maps GIS data layers for Lake, Porter, and Laporte Counties in northwestern Indiana
pdmsMain Petroleum Database Management System Oil and gas wells, well fields, gas storage areas in Indiana

* Denotes WMS capability

Note: Several of our map services include a main map service and also an index map service, which is used by our Web viewer applications. The index map services should be disregarded when viewing these services using desktop GIS software.