Center For Geospatial Data Analysis (Personnel)

Tracy Branam



Geochemistry of mine waters and mine reclamation, coal combustion byproducts, and bedrock aquifers.

Tracy Branam is a research geochemist in the Center for Geospatial Data Analysis. He has over 20 years of experience conducting both lab- and field-based research programs, primarily focused on issues of abandoned coal mines and coal combustion residues (CCR). His main research activities have been on studying the hydrochemical processes of acid-mine drainage treatment systems and CCR leachate responses to various water types. Through many research collaborations Tracy has also studied water chemistry derived from mineral/water interactions for aquifer systems throughout the state of Indiana. Research techniques used by Tracy for his projects include field and lab inorganic chemistry, stable isotopes (sulfur, carbon, hydrogen, oxygen and nitrogen), mineralogy, geochemical modeling programs, and continuous stir tank extractions.

Research Geochemist

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