Center For Geospatial Data Analysis (Personnel)

Dr. Darren L. Ficklin




Watershed hydrology; groundwater hydrology; water quality; watershed and water quality modeling; impacts of climate change and variability on the hydrological cycle and its quality; influence of agricultural management techniques on water quality; geostatistics.

Dr. Ficklin's research is focused on the integrated modeling of climate variability and change, the hydrological cycle in agricultural and mountainous settings, water resources systems, and aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems. In his current research he assess the effects of climate change on water quantity and quality (stream temperature, dissolved oxygen, and sediment concentration) in the mountainous western United States using hydrologic and water quality models driven by climate change projections. The goal of his current work is to provide results to water resource managers, watershed planners, and ecologists so that they can make informed, sustainable management decisions.

Department of Geography

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