Center For Geospatial Data Analysis (Personnel)

Bob Autio



Glacial sedimentology and stratigraphy, Environmental hydrogeology and monitoring, 2-D and 3-D data visualization, Database management, GIS mapping, Ground source heat pump (GSHP)/geothermal systems

Robert "Bob" Autio is a Research Geologist at the Center for Geospatial Data Analysis. Prior to joining the CGDA in late 2015, Bob practiced environmental and hydrogeologic consulting for nearly 30 years. Bob's primary responsibility is to conduct hydrologic monitoring using the Indiana Water Balance Network to improve our understanding of Indiana's water resources. In addition to hydrologic monitoring, Bob's other areas of expertise include glacial geology, geothermal energy, database management, GIS mapping, and 3-D data visualization.

Bob received his undergraduate degree from University of Rhode Island and his master's degree from Indiana University.

Assistant Researcher

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